Pam Serra-Wenz

My Process

Mixed Media and Sgraffito Paintings Process:

Since 2010, I began a process utilizing a three day under painting of mixed media, intense pigment fluid paints, layering paint colors, and a lot of manipulation. Then surface paint is applied (sans brushwork) to the substrate. Before the second paint layer dries, I remove (sgraffito off) paint to reveal the illuminated under painting where light emanates from the core of the surface. The sub-illuminated quality of each painting reveals a complex and rich finish. Finally, my paintings are coated with a UV finish.

Oregon Rain Paintings Process:

It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and I have found a way to appreciate it. I set the yupo out in the rain to get it wet and ask the rain to join me in making water images. Yupo is a transparent substrate that holds acrylic paint. Then, I apply high pigment fluid acrylic paints over the substrate and let the raindrops do their thing with minimal manipulation. That process is usually repeated in multiple rains. I love to dance in the rain!

Absolute Abstraction

Water Series

This water series video is a collection of various water paintings that I have shown throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley. It’s a lovely art montage created by The Fafnir Projects. Enjoy!